The Good of Being Alone

There are times when I want to be like a turtle. I want to retreat into my shell and be left alone. There are other times when I want to be around people and enjoy them greatly. Most of us have experienced both feelings. The hard part is when we want one and have the other. To be alone when we desire to be with friends or family can be crushing. It is the same with being with people when we desire to be alone. Embrace the time God gives you to be alone. Enjoy the people God puts into your life. Both are important.

To be alone has become as precious as my time with people. Here are some reasons:

1. My alone time allows me to be refreshed. I rest when I am alone. For me, when I am with people, I want to give of myself for their benefit. I want to do things for them. I desire to make their lives better for me being a part of it. That takes energy and effort. Sometimes I just need to be refreshed. God gives me time to be alone for the refreshing my soul.

2. My alone time allows me to meditate. I often meditate on Scripture and doctrine. We all deal with complex issues. I find my alone time is when I evaluate, compare, study, and think through them. With the busyness of schedules, family, work, and life itself, meditation is often the last thing we do. But, it is so needed and necessary. To be a deep thinker, alone time must be priority. I like my alone time for meditation.

3. My alone time gives me opportunity to do what I enjoy. When I was a teenager in Wyoming, I would often take hikes by myself. Those were some precious times. Being alone allowed me time to think, investigate, consider and reflect. I would go places most people would not even consider going. It was during those quiet times that God worked in my heart to point me in the right directions. Being in God’s creation is a good place to meditate. I still enjoy my time alone in God’s creation.

4. My alone time gives me opportunity to study and write. Read a book. Listen to books. Study something important. It is best done without interruption. I enjoy writing too. Alone time gives you opportunity to focus on something important to you.

Does all this mean that I do not enjoy people? No, I love being with family, friends, and people. It does mean that I enjoy people and being alone. Maybe this could be an application of this verse. I have learned in whatsoever state I am in, therewith to be content, Philippians 4:11b.

Yes, it is good to be alone, sometimes.

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