2021 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

            As we look over the year of ministry, God has worked in very identifiable ways.  I will list some of them making it easy to read.

  • The wedding in California, for Ron and Sarah Sondergaard came together in a wonderful way.
  • I privileged to lead the memorial service for Timothy Brower, pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Sonoma, CA.
  • Ministry with meetings in AK, AZ, CA, WA, ID, UT, KS, CO, and OR
  • Three churches found pastors:
    • Calvary Baptist Church in Kingman AZ – Pastor Rob Kelley
    • Lincoln Park Baptist Church in Wenatchee WA – Pastor Daniel Pierce
    • Grace Baptist Church in Sonoma CA – Pastor Ron Sondergaard
  • Ministry in a men’s retreat and a family retreat at two different camps.
  • Ministry with a pastor’s conference and a mission’s conference.
  • Ministry with men’s backpacking retreats.
  • Ministry in our home church, Fellowship Baptist Church, Nampa ID.

NEW BOOK – After finding out that JourneyForth, a division of BJU Press was not going to be able to publish my latest Bible study due to a policy change at the publisher, the Lord worked it out to go a different direction.  Dr. Allen Ferry offered to do final edits and publish it.  After a busy time working through the details, it was published the last week of October and announced the first part of November.  The Lord has been working through it already.  The book, Remaining Steadfast and Stable is available on Amazon.

God continues to give us health to minister.  We started the year recovering from Covid.  Jeneen and I had our first skin cancers.  We were able to get them taken care of without any problem.  God gives health, stamina, and safety as we minister.

As we enter 2022, we are thankful for all those who have been an encouragement in ministry.  We appreciate all the prayers and support.  We are looking forward to what 2022 has.  The Lord knows.  We look forward to what the Lord has.  May God continue to bring the increase.

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