Summer Ministry Update 2021

            “This is an answer to prayer.”  These are such encouraging words, especially when you have been directly involved in whatever is the answer to prayer.  Unbeknownst to you, God uses you to meet a need and you become the answer to someone’s prayer.  It is always a blessing to be used of the Lord.  There are special times that God allows us to directly know He is working through us to meet other’s needs, both spiritually and physically.  The fact is, whether we see it or not, God is always working in and through us as we walk with Him.  Sometimes He reminds us of His working by allowing us to hear encouraging words.  “You have been an answer to prayer.”

            This has been a busy summer for us with multiple things happening.  God has been working in the churches.  We reported two churches have new pastors in the last update.  We can also report that as of July, Lincoln Park Baptist Church in Wenatchee WA has a new pastor.  We praise the Lord for how He is working.  We spent a couple of weekends with the church in June.  What a blessing to have a pastor there now.  Please pray for the transition to work smoothly.

            I have been in two different camps lately.  The men’s retreat in Grandview Camp in April and family camp at Camp Utibaca in Utah, the first of July.  We are doing the men’s backpacking already and have one more trip the first week of August with the group from AZ.  It was nice to spend a Sunday with Grace Baptist Church in Pendleton OR in June.  These are examples of what we have been doing along with ministry at our home church when able.

Special Prayer Request –

            After going through the first stages of working with JourneyForth to publish my next study, the management there decided not to do any more new adult studies acquisitions.  They are focusing on their school curriculum for K-12.  This means I am seeking God’s direction on what to do next with the new study.  I will add the introduction to this letter.  Please pray for God’s direction as the study is complete and we need to know the next step steps the Lord would have for us.

Upcoming Ministry Opportunities –

            I will be doing a special Bible Study series at a nearby church here in Idaho in August.  This fall, I will be doing a missions conference in CO, speaking in a couple of churches in Alaska, going to Kansas City to speak at Olivet Baptist Church and for the MARBC meetings, then going to AZ for a few weeks.  We continue to seek God’s direction for our lives and ministry.  He is working.  Thank you for your prayers and support of what He is doing in and through us.  Again, He is working!  Praise and glory to our Lord for all He is doing and will do.

Our Health –

            Jeneen and I have had some skin issues taken care of recently.  She had two spots of basal cell removed; the most serious was on her nose, requiring many stitches.  I had a squamous cell removed under my eye.  We are both healing from those procedures.

            Other than getting older, we are doing well.  My annual tests and physical looked good.  I’m ready to do more backpacking next week, with layers and layers of sunscreen.

            We are going to try to get away for a week, just the two of us for our anniversary.  It will be 47 years this August.  Both of our moms are doing okay at this moment.  Jeneen enjoys caring for her mom when needs arise but sometimes it keeps her closer to home.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  God continues to answer prayer. 

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