Deposit Truth – Training for the Future

                All believers are truth dispensers, sharing God’s truth with whoever will listen.  While always trying to do so, there is a special training of the next pastor and teacher.  A clear verse on this ministry is 2 Timothy 2:2.  Paul gives the command to teach faithful men who will be able to teach others also.  This becomes the heartbeat of pastors and teachers in our churches but the question is, how do we do this?

                The verse gives insight into the process.  We are to take what we have learned and commit it to faithful people.  Committing means to deposit within the person or to give them what you have learned.  There are several realities the teacher must embrace if they are to pass on knowledge to the student.

  • Truth – We teach the truth of God’s Word.  We teach doctrine.  We share special lessons God has taught us and the circumstances of those situations.  We see examples of this in Paul’s training of Timothy.  2 Timothy 3:10-11 shows the extent of the knowledge Timothy had received from Paul.  The first thing mentioned is doctrine.  We must be students of the Word and then dispensers of correct doctrine. 
  • Time – To train others will take time.  It is not a 15 minute lesson and then put them to work.  It will take our time to input into someone else’s life.  The time commitment will be whatever is necessary for each faithful man to receive the truth.  It is obvious from Paul’s list in 2 Timothy 3:10-11 that it was a longer period of time for him to teach or show the things listed.  A teacher must be willing to put in the time.
  • Teaching – It is teaching of truth through various ways.  Each of us has a learning aptitude.  The teacher must learn the student’s best ways to receive truth, often a variety of methods for teaching a student.  How did God teach us?  Some lessons we learned “the hard way,” while others were simply taught and received.  We have truth and time, now we must deposit it in the faithful student.
  • Treasures – When teaching, we will give of our treasures.  The greatest treasure has already been mentioned, time.  But it will take our resources, our finances, whatever is necessary to teach.  It means giving up resources we could use for other things.  The church should consider resources for the training of those found faithful and evidence the leading of God toward ministry as a vocation.  Resources help facilitate the teacher in the training and the student in the learning.

2 Timothy 2:2 shows we share what we have learned to faithful men.  It is not just anyone.  The qualifier is faithful, someone who is trustworthy.  It goes on to say that the person must be able to teach others also.  They should have the ability or desire to learn how to pass truth to others.  These are some considerations when choosing a student.

  • Choice – Who makes the choice of the student?  It is God who calls people to minister but we will see it.  In this passage, God shows that the teacher must evaluate the student to see if they are faithful, trustworthy. We will see God’s working in the life of a student.  There will a drive and desire for God and His working in and through their life.
  • Commitment – The commitment of the student is part of faithfulness.  They are committed to learning, they are teachable.  They want the instruction.  It is often shown by their “sticking with it.”  The faithful student does not need constant prodding.  They are motivated from within, from God’s working, moving, and growing them.  This will be seen in a humble attitude and a willingness to learn.
  • Competent – The student must show some capacity to teach others.  It will be evident in their life as you consider them.  God will also raise them up in the sight of those around them in the church.  Others will confirm seeing God’s hand in their life. They will see the student’s ability, often undeveloped but still evident.

The need for laborers in the field is evident to the church.  This is God’s method for building them. There is a renewed emphasis on this training.   Internships and various ways of doing this are being considered.  It is exciting to see the burden of pastors, churches, and colleges to pass the truth of God to faithful workers.

I am thankful for those who counted me worthy of their input into my life.  The older we get, the more we desire to give to others what God has taught us.  I talk with many pastors who are able and willing to do the same thing.  The problem many are having is finding those committed to serving the Lord, whatever form that would take.  Pray that the Lord will send forth laborers into the fields of ministry.  In the meantime, let’s be involved in the ministry God sets before us every day.  Who are you training?

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