November Prayer Letter 2022

Dear Friends,

Where do we begin to share what God has been doing and all that has been happening?  There is so much to share but I’m afraid it would become a short book, not a newsletter.  The answer – highlights.

Where I have been since the last letter –

  • First Baptist Church, Dillon MT – Pastor Joel Smith
  • Grace Baptist Church, Pendleton OR – Pastor Alan Chapman
  • Northwest Baptist Missions annual meetings, Kemmerer WY – Dr. Ron Ehmann
  • International Baptist College and Seminary, Chandler AZ – Pastor Nathan Mestler
  • First Baptist Church, Notus ID – Pastor Sparky Clancy
  • Rocky Mountain Baptist Church, Ennis MT – Currently seeking a pastor

Each place was a blessing with its own circumstances.  God worked in obvious and sometimes surprising ways.  When it is obviously God working, only He can get the glory.  It seems as though multiple times a day, I have been praying, “that’s only you, God.”  There is no other way plans could come together so well, things accomplished with such good results, and victories won.  We know God is working.  Praise the Lord for what He is doing.

What I have been doing –

  • Meetings in churches, speaking and teaching
  • Assisting churches seeking pastors
  • Assisting pastors seeking churches
  • Working on internship programs in our home church and other churches
  • Helping churches and pastors who are struggling in various ways

What I will be doing –

  • Lake Blaine Camp Winter Retreat in December.
  • Meetings in January

Jeneen has been helping her mom a lot as she has been struggling with her health, her being in and out of the hospital recently.  Jeneen is doing well after having the chemo cream on her nose to alleviate some skin cancer issues.  I had another skin cancer removed from my nose.  Praise the Lord, we both have been getting them taken care of early.  My hip pain has increased to the point that I am going to have to get a replacement.  After looking at x-rays, I have been referred to a surgeon and am waiting the next steps.  Everyone has been telling me that I would be glad I got a new one and will wonder why I waited so long.  I don’t know but we shall see what the Lord has in it all.

I have left a lot out of this letter but if you want details or would like more information, let me know.  We can talk on a personal basis.  The greatest thing I can say is, “God is working and it is so obvious.”  Praise the Lord and thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  May God be glorified.

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