Update – Fall 2021

In our last letter, we asked for special prayer about the publishing of the next Bible study.  A friend contacted me about a way to get it published.  After much prayer and counsel, we have decided to go that direction.  It means that within the next couple of months, we should have an announcement of its availability.  The title of the next study is Remaining Steadfast and Stable.  We will be posting more about it soon.

Recent Ministry Opportunities –

It was a joy to be with the people at Liberty Baptist Church in Grand Junction CO where Eric Turner is the pastor.  It was a mini Mission’s Conference.  Missionary Jory Petitti and his wife, Marisa took part in the conference too.  It was a joy to meet this fine couple.  They are seeking support to start a work in Springville UT.  He is from Utah and knows what they will be facing as they seek to do what the Lord has ahead for them. 

From there, I was able to go to the Northwest Baptist Mission’s Annual Meetings.  It was a joy to see old friends and to see make new ones.  It was good to spend a little time with Ron Ehmann.  His wife, Kathy recently passed away from COVID.  Please pray for him as he seeks God’s comfort and direction.  Ron is the director of NWBM as well as pastor of the mission work in Grantsville UT.

I have also had several ministry opportunities in our home church when not on the road.  We are thankful for a good base to be actively involved in when we are not traveling for ministry.  Please pray for our home church, Fellowship Baptist Church.  Pastor Jeff Estes is still recovering from his injuries from his accident the last of February.  We also have several things going on that are hard on families in the church.

Future Ministry Opportunities –

The 2nd of October, I fly to Alaska to be a part of the 20 year anniversary of Pioneer Bible Church in the North Pole area.  I am looking forward to being a part as we have had the privilege of ministering there over the years.  It will be nice to see Pastor Marshall Hamilton and the church family.  I will also be speaking at Hamilton Acres Baptist Church in Fairbanks, where Bruce Hamilton is pastor.  It will be good to be in Alaska again.

The last part of October, Jeneen and I will be heading to the Kansas City area to be at Olivet Baptist Church.  While there, I will be speaking for the MARBC meetings at the church, along with meetings at the church and Christian school.  We look forward to being with Pastor Bruce Anderson, the staff, and the church family at Olivet again.   The first week of November we finish up at Olivet.  After coming home for a bit, we head to AZ.  We will be at Grace Baptist Church in Scottsdale the 21st and Calvary Baptist in Kingman on the 28th.  Jeneen and I will spend Thanksgiving with Joe and Rebekah in the Phoenix area.

 We are looking forward to the New Year as we will have meetings in AZ, AK, and WY.  We also have some open spots if the Lord would so direct. 

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support.  God continues to answer prayer.  We are seeing fruit in the meetings.  The Lord is working.

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