Thousands of people around you but yet, you are alone. You have no one to walk and talk with you. Some people understand what it is to be alone more than others. I grew up in Wyoming. It is the ninth largest state with the lowest population of all fifty states. It was easy to be alone. I even told someone that I may have been 10 miles from anyone in any direction of me. Yes, in Wyoming that is possible. I learned that being alone is a part of life.

Sometimes in life we are confronted with loneliness. There are periods we are alone. During these times, the promise of God becomes a great encouragement. He said that He would never leave us or forsake us. No matter where we are, God is there.

There is comfort in knowing the nearness of God. The little girl was not afraid of the lightning storm because she thought it was God taking pictures of her. God’s presence was in the storm for her. His is a presence we shall never escape in this life. We will never be separated from His love in this life. The comfort we receive from the truth of God’s nearness is the lofty experience of life. If friends or family are not close, we have our Lord. The loss of a loved one brings loneliness to our lives. We miss their presence. We all have occasions where we can feel alone, even in a crowd.

People do not like to be alone. They will seek some way to occupy themselves so they do not feel the loneliness of being alone. Whether it is being with family, friends, or entertainment of some sort, they will not allow that feeling into their life. God says to be still and know that I am God. To do that, you truly have to know what it is to be alone – to be alone with God.

One thought on “Alone

  1. Sometimes when you are laid aside for one reason for another, Christian brothers and sisters will visit, bring food, chat and pray with you. This is a blessing. But you can still feel so alone. In my case I finally realized why I felt this way. It was that I had suffered a trauma and they could not experience what I was experiencing. Only I could feel as I felt.. I came to realize that my only comforter was our Heavenly Father and He never left me alone and He did feel as I felt!

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