The Bad of Being Alone

Good or bad, which is it? Being alone can be both. We first looked at the experience itself, then on the good of being alone. There is a negative side to being alone. Most people experience this more than the good. The dark side is what makes people afraid of isolation.

We know what it means to be lonely. There are stages in our lives where loneliness is a major characteristic. Those times can either be good or very negative. Here are some bad sides to being alone:

1. Being alone will show the discipline of your mind, heart, and soul. An undisciplined life will take alone time selfishly, lazily, and often times, sinfully. Without godly character, people can become worldly while being alone. What you do in your alone time will show your personal discipline and character. You may find out how bad you really are. I encourage people to have accountability in their life until they learn the godly disciplines of the mind, heart, and soul. Being alone can be bad for the undisciplined life.

2. Being alone is hard on the emotions. Sometimes we are thrown into isolation because of the loss of a loved one or loss of a friendship. This is when we feel the loneliness. Loneliness can be depressing. If we allow those thoughts and emotions to continue, it can affect our health. This is when we need to grab onto our Lord with our whole being. Left to itself, loneliness can bring deep depression and increased isolation. Reach out to others during these times. Allow them to minister God’s love to you. Being alone can be hard on the emotions.

3. Being alone is harmful when we get hurt. I try not to hike alone these days even though I enjoy it very much. I never know when I may fall and get injured. We need each other in life. To know we have the Lord when trouble comes is good. But to have someone come alongside with a helping hand can be a God-send. We need to reach out to others for their help, encouragement, and comfort when we are hurting. It is not good to be alone when you get hurt.

We have all experienced these things, some more than others. No matter if we are alone or not, we need to walk with the Lord. He will never leave us or forsake us. We are never truly alone. He will also help us to live a disciplined life full of good works. We will be fruitful especially in our alone time. May we use the time God gives us wisely.

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