Caregiving isn’t for Sissies

Jeneen wrote a post about caregiving.  She has the gift of mercy and gives of herself for others. I asked her for permission to post it here.  I know you will enjoy her thoughts.

“Jeneen- a thought: Caregiving isn’t for sissies. You focus on your loved one. Then you are divided between the many other things and the other people in your lives. You ask the Lord for strength. You wonder if you have it in you and tempted to complain. I am reminded of our Savior who came as a servant for us. Look at what He left in Heaven even if it was temporary. He set aside the Glory in Heaven, became flesh like us, felt pain, and so much more. Do you see Him grumbling and complaining about what He gave up? He totally became a servant in love and gave up His life for you and for me. Well, that hits you right where our priorities needs to be. Sometimes we are torn between many things. There are the losses of what we once had or wished we had or want now or later, but this is only temporary. That’s life, unpredictable and sometimes hard. But it’s the way we look at it with our attitude. Letting God guide us and show us that life is about love for others. Look to Jesus, He’s been there.”

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