Buried Treasure in the West

Tall tales get passed from one generation to another. In the West, several have a similar theme. Maybe you have heard the story. It usually goes like this. During the Old West era, some outlaws robbed a stagecoach. They took the strong box full of gold or gold bars. No matter what was in the box, it was a treasure. The story then goes on to tell of a posse that chased them. The outlaws were soon overtaken. There was a gun battle. The thieves were killed but they did not have the strong box or the gold.

According to the tale, one outlaw lives long enough to tell the posse that they buried the treasure. Tt was heavy and was slowing their getaway. They were going to come back to retrieve it. Before the location is revealed, the outlaw dies. Or, sometimes he just refuses to tell anyone because he still hopes to live and to retrieve it himself. He then dies before anyone can get the location from him. The posse searches for the strong box. According to the legend, it has never been found.

I know of three particular stories that follow this plotline. I have been in all three areas where the gold is rumored to be buried. I have hiked them with keen interest in the terrain. No, I have not found any of the treasure but if I have the chance to look again, I will.

There are many stories from around the world of buried, sunken, hidden, and lost treasures. Sometimes we read or hear of someone finding a cache of gold. It sparks new interest in the legends. People have spent lifetimes seeking an earthly treasure. Jesus said to lay up treasure in heaven. How many people spend a lifetime seeking heavenly treasure?

By the way, I think I have narrowed down the location one of the strong boxes. Anyone interested in hunting with me? I also know how to lay up treasure in heaven. Anyone interested?

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