Quick, Grab the Camera

How many great pictures are simply in our minds because we did not have a camera handy? Driving home from Alaska, a wolf walked onto the highway. It stopped in my lane. As I slowly approached, it moved off the road. I remember the massive creature standing broadside looking at me. My camera was not ready for a picture. I have to be satisfied with the picture in my mind.

I came home from Montana this week. The roads were snowy and ice covered for much of the drive in Montana. When I reached the Idaho border, the roads were better but strong winds slowed my progress. Then snow flurries started near Arco and Craters of the Moon. After a long day of winter driving, I was looking forward to getting home.

Looking ahead, I saw an orange glow through the snow. It was just above the ridgeline. I perceived it was the sun setting with color peeking under the clouds. That meant clear sky ahead. What an encouragement! The glow became more brilliant. When I topped a hill, I was treated to a gorgeous view; clouds, snow and the setting sun. I grabbed my camera.

I was thanking the Lord for giving me such an experience. It is just like Him. Yes, the day was long and tiring. But this scene made it all worthwhile. I loved the snow coming down with the orange glow reflecting off the ice crystals. The snow fall was fading. Clear sky was ahead. It was a time of encouragement. I thanked the Lord for the good He brought to my day.

Yes, I had my camera ready. As I drove toward home, I took the shot. A picture is not as good as being there but it is a reminder.


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