Flowers for Jeneen

Flower sales jumped this week as many expressed their love for the special person in their life. Valentine’s Day reminds us of that special one. So, I helped increased sales by buying flowers for Jeneen. Salmon colored roses now brighten our home. But the brightest expression was on Jeneen’s face when I showed her the flowers. What would I do if she did not like them? What if I was rejected? I was willing to risk it. I knew Jeneen likes salmon colored roses. She also likes red, white, yellow, pink, and other colored roses.

I want to please Jeneen. I like it when she smiles with approval of what I have done. It is easy to tell when I impress her. But that brings up a question. How do we know when God approves of what we are doing? The Lord shows us in 1 Corinthians 4:1 saying that it is required that we be found faithful. That’s it; be faithful!

We “can” please the Lord. If we are faithful in our walk, He is pleased.

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