Jeneen’s Tribute

Billy Graham went to be with Lord this week.  I know people who were saved during his crusades in the 1950’s.  They were godly Christians who walked with the Lord after receiving Christ as Savior.  Jeneen had the privilege of being at a crusade when she was only seven.  That would put it around 1962.  She wrote these words for a Facebook post today.  They are such good thoughts, I wanted to share them.

“Jeneen- a thought: I know some say Billy Graham was controversial in some areas as he grew older. But as a child, when I went to a Billy Graham crusade when I was 7 in Fresno CA, I remember clearly his words of salvation. That was who he use to be, a pure and simple speaker of the Word , that even a child could understand it. He spread the gospel to everyone so that they would understand their need of salvation and a relationship in Christ. God used him because he cared about souls and even if he felt inadequate, he asked the Lord to help him speak where ever, when ever and who ever God had for him. He was a simple man who loved God.
I will miss him. It feels like an era has left our country. But he is in a better country now. Oh, the glorious reunion he is experiencing, and to know what he preached was real and true. Because what he sees now is Christ face to face.
RIP Billy Graham. Have a wonderful eternity.”



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