All Bible Studies Teach Doctrine

“I am a part of a Bible study. We do not study doctrine because it is too controversial.” I have heard this from many people. When someone says this, it is an indicator they do not understand the truth of God’s Word. They are in danger of accepting doctrine without even knowing it. Every time we study the Bible, we are getting doctrine.

If all Scripture is profitable for doctrine then all Bible studies are getting it. Bible studies who try to avoid doctrine are teaching it anyway. Otherwise, it would not be a Bible study. Therein is the danger. You are getting doctrine every time you study the Scriptures. The key for all studies is to rightly handle the Word of God.

So if you are a part of a Bible study, have your eyes wide open. They are teaching doctrine even if they say they are not. Recognize what is being taught. We should rightly divide the Word. It is important we teach and receive sound doctrine.

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