November Update

November 8, 2017
Dear Friends,

Update on the Need in South Africa – Our last update shared the need in South Africa for finances to buy a building for Lakeside Baptist Church in Sedgefield. Let me give you an update. Things have changed in the requirement for the church to buy the building. After giving a large deposit, the owners agreed to give the church another 30 days to raise the money. The last I heard is that the church still needs about $65,000. Many have given to the need. Thank you.
If the Lord would lead you to help as they get closer to completion, please do so. The way to do it is to write a note with the Peterson’s name and mention that the money is for the church building fund. Here is the information on the mission board: Independent Faith Mission, PO Box 7791, Greensboro, NC 27417.  Thank you for those who have already given to the need and thank you for all who will in the future. We have seen God do a lot already. We look forward to what He will do. May God be glorified.

Update on South Africa Trip – I spent about five weeks in South Africa; coming home November 1st. The Lord gave opportunity to speak in five different churches and several different venues. There were many things the Lord did during the trip; so many blessings and results. I worked with missionaries, pastors, and many people. There were many opportunities for fellowship. I was in Lakeside Baptist Church in Sedgefield for two Sundays. This is such a special church. They are seeking their own building as the place they are in now has become increasingly difficult for the expanding ministry. That is why the fund raising project. I met with the leadership team of the church twice. I really enjoy this good church.
I was also in two churches in the George area. Both were such blessings. The day after I was in the church in Pacaltsdorp, some men visited with a first time visitor. They were able to lead him to Christ. Praise the Lord. The next Sunday he was back in church. God is working in the churches there.
The last weekend, I flew to Cape Town. I spoke in Strand and in Stellenbosch. It was great to be with Pastor Jeremy, Pastor Miles, and Pastor Peter. I also visited several missionaries. Our home church supports Holly Gilbert who works with the Knipes. I met with the Elmers, Knipes, Gilbert, and Daniels. What a joy to meet all these servants of the Lord. There were several others too.
The whole trip to South Africa was a blessing. God worked greatly. Thank you for your prayers and support.
On the Home Front – Jeneen has been helping her mom and taking care of things at home. We are looking forward to seeing Joe and Rebekah in November while doing ministry in AZ. Jeneen’s mom is doing somewhat better. She still has some good days and some bad days. Jeneen will fly to AZ for most of the time I am there. We hope and pray the Lord will work greatly.

Thank you all for your prayers. God is working and it has been exciting to see. He gives good and perfect gifts. God is good.

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