Christmas Letter and Ministry Update December 2017

Dear Friends,
We are looking forward to this Christmas season. The Lord has been keeping us busy but now we are spending a few weeks close to home. It will be nice to be in our home church and with our family. While we are home, we will be catching up in our correspondence and getting ready for 2018.

Updates on where we have been – Since coming home from South Africa, we have been in Arizona for ministry. I had the privilege of speaking at Southeast Valley Bible Church where Joel Tetreau is pastor. It went well. After that, I was able to speak at International Baptist College in Chandler AZ. I had a good time with the students and with Dr. Endean. From there, I went to Kingman to speak at Calvary Baptist Church. Calvary is still looking for a pastor. Please be in prayer for them. After coming home, I did a discipleship seminar in our home church Friday evening and Saturday using my book, Steadfast and Stable. It went very well.

Update on the need in South Africa – The last I heard was that they were able to get the financing they needed for the building. They are finishing the necessary paperwork and details. We hope and pray there are no problems while moving ahead.

On the home front – Jeneen was able to go to Arizona for most of the time. Her mom has been having some good days and some bad days. It will be nice during the holidays that we will be able to see her. Jeneen’s health has been doing okay. I have been doing well.

What is ahead – We are looking forward to what the Lord has for 2018. There are some holes in our schedule but the Lord is starting to fill them. We will be in Delta Utah at Grace Baptist Church in January. The church is without a pastor. Please be praying for the churches without pastors.

As we head into the holiday season, we hope and pray that the Lord will give you good times with your friends and family. May the Lord give you a blessed Christmas.

Merry Christmas 2017

Dear Friends and Family,

            We want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  This year has been busy.  Upon reflection, the Lord has brought many blessings.  Yes, there are times of suffering and trial but we have seen the Lord working.  It is always encouraging to see God working in and through us.

            We were in many churches for ministry.  It was probably the busiest time we had in years.  There were mission conferences, special meetings, helping churches who do not have a pastor, camps and speaking in chapel at two different colleges.  A highlight was the trip to South Africa for five weeks of ministry.  We finished out the year with meetings in Arizona.  We are catching up on things at home now.

            Jeneen has been busy helping her mom as she fell and fractured the top vertebrae of her neck.  God spared her life and we saw why a couple of months later.  Jeneen’s mom was able to lead a friend to Christ.  The Lord is working.  Jeneen’s mom continues to have health issues.  Jeneen has been dealing with some health problems too.  God has been giving some relief. 

            Our family is busy doing what the Lord sets before them.  Peter and Tonya are super busy with school and writing.  Peter hopes to have another book out soon.  His latest western, Shadow of Devil’s Tower came out last April.  Tonya is teaching at Boise Classical Academy and taking classes at Boise State.  Jost and Kade are busy with school too.  Jost is a freshman at BSU and Kade is a sophomore at Boise Classical Academy.

            Michelle and the kids are busy with schooling too.  Michelle has picked up some part time work to help supplement their income.  Josie, Scott, and Colette are growing tall.  Michelle continues to be busy at church and teaching music lessons.  They are busy.

            Joe continues to work at Arizona State and the Biblical counseling center.  Rebekah keeps busy with her home based businesses.  Philip, Caleb, Sophia, and Nathan are busy with schooling.  We were able to see them in November.  It is always good when we can spend time with our family.

            We hope you have a good Christmas.  The Lord may return in 2018.  We do not know what is ahead for any of us.  The constant is that the days keep moving forward toward that day.  May God give you a special time for the holidays.  May you have some good times with your families.         


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