Special Need

October 6, 2017

Dear Friends,

This is a quick update while ministering in South Africa. There is a special need I would like to share. I am with missionaries Lee and Janelle Peterson in the community of Sedgefield. This is my fourth trip to South Africa. The Lord’s timing for this trip is evident as the church prepares for the next phase of growth. The church, Lakeside Baptist Church, is a mission work pastored by Lee. They are growing and are ready to get a building of their own. They currently rent a school for Sunday morning service. The other services are in homes. At this stage, the ministry is being suppressed by not having its own building. So they have been searching for either a property to build on or a place with a building already there.
This Wednesday, I had the privilege of meeting with the leadership of the church as they discussed a place that came available in the last couple of days. The building would need some modification but it is a good place for the church to have a presence in the community. They placed an offer because at the listed price, it was going to go quickly. It was accepted. It is reasonably price in a community with high property values. The church has been saving but they do not have enough to cover the price. They are seeking God’s provision for the difference.
The church has about $30,000 but needs to raise the rest. The price is 1.6 million in South African rand. That works out to about $123,000. The church is limited. They need about $90,000. Pastor Lee is sending an email to his supporters. I said I would do the same.
If the Lord would want you to be a part of this project, please let them know. This could be the last phase before the church goes self-supporting. It is exciting to see what God is doing. Please pray for the church and for God to show Himself mighty. It is amazing how this property has become available and for such a good price. May God be glorified. Below is the Peterson’s letter.

Dear Friends,
As many of you know, we have been praying to have our own property for our church. Our ministry has become quite limited in the school where we meet due to stricter regulations. One of the big problems that we face here in Sedgefield is that there not much property for sale; and when it does become available, it is quite expensive. However, we were approached this week about a property that has become available, is in a prime location, and is cheaper than the other properties that we have been looking into. We have put in an offer (which was accepted) but they have given us 30 days to come up with the funds. Once again we would ask that you would pray concerning the provision for this building, but ultimately that God would be glorified in the process. We are trusting God for His provision and direction. Lord Bless.

Lee and Janelle Peterson
PO Box 1482
Sedgefield 6573
South Africa


Here is the information on the mission board.  Please send gifts through the mission.
Independent Faith Mission
PO Box 7791,
Greensboro, NC 27417

Please include a letter with the Peterson’s name and also mention that it is for the church building fund!  Thanks so much.



One thought on “Special Need

  1. Hi Monte. It has been an amazing experience to meet you and talk with you (and listen too!) We look forward to chatting and listening some more as the Lord uses you in your Ministry and in Sedgefield.

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