October 21, 2011 – Prayer Letter

 Dear Friends,


     We must see our life on this earth the way God sees it.  It is a short time compared to eternity.  Yesterday, Jeneen and I heard a friend in South Dakota unexpectedly went to be with the Lord.  We thank the Lord we were able to see him and his wife while we were in South Dakota.  Please pray for Suzie.  She needs God’s comfort and grace.  Kelvin’s faith has become sight.  His hope has become reality but the love he shared will always be with us.  As believers, we know we will see him again.  We just can’t right now.  Praise God for the promise of eternal life.


      Our last trip was to the Northwest Baptist Mission Conference held at Grace Baptist Church in West Valley City, UT.  It was a joy to fellowship with the missionaries and pastors.  From there we went to South Dakota for meetings at Calvary Baptist Church where Bill Holmes is pastor.  While traveling, we were able to reconnect with several friends.  Calvary Baptist Church also hosted the Northern Plains Fellowship meetings.  It was a privilege to speak to the men who were able to be a part.  We enjoyed the good fellowship and spirit of the conference.  The next Sunday, we were able to speak at Bethany Bible Baptist Church in Tulare.  This is the church Jeneen and I were with from 1983 to 1990.  It was good to see old friends.  Please pray for Pastor Bower as he will be doing the funeral of our friend.  He and Kelvin were close. 


 Future trips-


     We leave Wednesday for the evening service at Grace Baptist Church in West Valley City, UT.  From there we travel to the Denver area to be with Pastor Tim Levin and the church he pastors.  We hope to see several friends as we travel through the area.  On the 8th of November we fly to Ketchikan Alaska for a missions conference there and at Craig. 


      Praise the Lord for how He has blessed.  He has been blessing greatly in the meetings. 


     Thank you all for your prayers and support as we follow the Lord’s leading in our lives.  Our desire is always for fruit that remains.  Thanks so much for your part in this work. 


 Your Friends in Christ,


Monte & Jeneen

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