Thanksgiving Message



     I am thankful for today.  When I awoke this morning I found it today.  When I woke yesterday, it was today.  When I wake up tomorrow, it will be today.  I cannot relive yesterday because it is now today.  I cannot live tomorrow until it becomes today. 

     God’s enabling grace is always given for today.  I received it yesterday when it was today.  I can count on it for tomorrow but cannot experience it until tomorrow becomes today.  I will never be separated from God’s love today.  I experienced it yesterday and can count on it for tomorrow but not until tomorrow turns to today. 

     Today is a day the Lord has made.   Yesterday was and tomorrow will be.  Every day I wake on this earth, I will find it today.  When I step into eternity, my todays will be turned into forever.  I will be with the Lord forever.  That is why today is the day of salvation.  We cannot always be sure of having tomorrow but we have today.  

     I am thankful many years ago I accepted God’s offer of salvation.  On that today I was given the precious gift of eternal life from God.  Because of that decision, I now experience the benefits of a relationship with God today.  If you have not trusted Christ as your personal Savior, then today is the time.  What you do today will affect your tomorrows when they turn into todays.

     I am thankful for today.

 Monte Leavell

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