Words of Comfort – Article 10/14/11

“And so shall we ever be with the Lord.”  The God of all comfort gives us words to take away our fear of the future.  They speak of relationship and residence.  They speak of confidence and comfort.  It is not an uncertain future the Christian faces.

When looking through difficulties and distresses, thoughts of how things will work fill our minds.  We are often distressed, in pain and confused about what will happen.  God’s words give us comfort.  There is a day coming for the Christian when we will ever be with the Lord.  With this in mind, five hundred years from now, will what I am going through still inflict me?  Will the pain from hurts still fill my mind?  Will this body still let its presence be known by pain?

Take comfort, for there will be a day when the cares and pains of this life will be over.  It will be the day when we are with the Lord.  Meditate on the amazing words of comfort.  “And so shall we ever be with the Lord.”  This life is not all there is for the Christian.  We anticipate a better place (residence), to be with our loving God (relationship), forever.

May God bless.


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