September 2011 Update Letter

Leavell’s Prayer Letter Update

September 2011


Dear Friends,

     The 10th of September, the last group of backpackers drove away from our home.  It has been a good season with four different weeks of trips.  This was more than normal but a real joy.  We had groups fromIowa,Colorado,Arizona and two fromWashington.  We also had four men from our home church participate.  It is hard to place a value on this ministry.  Even though each week was different, they all were a wonderful blessing.  It is good fellowship in the beauty of God’s creation.  We had good discussions throughout the days about the working of God and His Word.  I really enjoy the time with fellow backpackers.

     One of the blessings of centering out of our home during the backpacking season is the ability to minister in our home church on the weekends.  I have been teaching in Sunday School and working in the land and building committee.   FellowshipBaptistChurchhas purchased 19 acres and we are now seeking the Lord’s direction in the next steps.  There are site preparations and building plans to work through.  Please pray as we seek God’s will in each step.

     June through the 7th of July, we spent in theFairbanks area ofAlaska.  We spent our entire time devoted to the ministry of Pioneer Baptist Church.  God gave some great weeks as we ministered with the church family.  We really enjoyed the fellowship with Pastor Marshall and Phyllis Hamilton.  While there, I was able to do a little work on their new auditorium.  They have much to do and are in need of finances for the next steps. Please pray for them.  We also spent some time with some of the folks at Hamilton Acres.  We are looking forward to being back there in April of 2012. 

Future Ministry –

     We plan to leave on the 26th of September for the Northwest Baptist Missions Conference in Salt Lake City.  It will be their 40th anniversary.  We have enjoyed the fellowship there several times before. 

     From there, we head to South Dakotafor meetings at CalvaryBaptistChurchin Huron.  Pastor Bill Holmes and the church will also be hosting the Northern Plains Independent Baptist Fellowship Meetings.  We will be there from the 2nd of October through the 7th.  The following Sunday, we will be with the church family atBethanyBibleBaptistChurch inTulare,SD.  This was the church I had the privilege of pasturing from 1983 till 1990.  It will be good to see every one again.  The last part of October, we plan to be inColorado. 


Availability – We have Wednesday night the 28th of September open on our way toSouth Dakota.  We will leaveSalt Lake City that morning so it will need to be a less than a day drive from there.  Let us know if we can minster with you. 


Thank You –

     Thanks to all who have been praying and for your support of what God is doing in and through us.  We are excted about the months ahead.  We have two trips toAlaskaand a possible return toSouth Africain the works.  Along with this, we have ministry in the West. 


     May God bless. 


Monte & Jeneen Leavell

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