Decorations of Life

It is the Christmas season with decorations in the stores, around the community, in our neighborhoods, and yes, we have them in our home. Some displays focus on the birth of Jesus but many simply focus on the season.

Look around the room or place where you are reading this blog. What type of decoration or display items do you see? I am sitting in my study, surrounded by books, some sitting orderly on shelves, others stacked on my desk, safe, and on top of the books on the shelves. There are pictures of Jeneen and I, the boys, the grandkids, and friends. I have knick-knacks from our travels, from mountain adventures, and from friends. Of course, there are stacked trays full of papers, computers, speakers, and a printer sitting on the desk and credenza. These things are representative of a life. They show the character of my life.

What do you see around you, in your home, in your special area? Do you have decorations around the home? Our lives are characterized by what we put into them. What do you see?

If you are a Christian, you should see the everyday items of your life but you should also see evidence that you know the Lord. My study has theological books, Bibles, and much more. Jeneen’s table next to her chair has many books and devotional material. What do you see in your decorations of life?Study

One thought on “Decorations of Life

  1. Theological books, computers, and right behind my monitor are two framed pictures drawn by your wife of our backpacking area. 😊


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