7.1 Earthquake, Not So Steadfast and Stable

I received a call from Pastor Aron Schrepfer the day after the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in their area of Alaska. They had received damage from things falling off walls, out of cupboards, and off shelves. As far as they could tell, there was no structural damage to their home or the church. Praise the Lord.

Pastor Aron did mention that He walked into his study and found a copy of my book, Steadfast and Stable, on the floor, having fallen off the shelf. He thought it ironic that a book about stability should fall during an earthquake. We came up with some humorous thoughts during our conversation.

One way we could look at it is: the book, Steadfast and Stable, isn’t really steadfast and stable itself, it just teaches about being stable. Of all the things in his study, this book came off the shelf. Or another way is: you had better get your copy of Steadfast and Stable soon because they are flying off the shelves. We had a good laugh.

It is like Alaskans to put a humorous spin on tough situations. They have lots of clean-up and will be feeling the effects of the quake for months ahead. One person from Alaska wrote, if you have family or friends in Alaska, buy them dishes for Christmas. Humor can sometimes help in a difficult situation. Please pray for the people affected by the earthquake.

When the ground which we call “terra-firma” is shaking, it is good to remember our stability comes from a life based upon the solid rock, Jesus Christ. He gives security to the believer in a constantly changing and sometimes shaking world. Are you rooted and grounded in love, on the Solid Rock?

Dropped book

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