Divine Appointments

If we look for God’s directive hand in our lives, we will see it. God does orchestrate. Sometimes His direction is easily seen. Yesterday was one of those days for Jeneen and me.

As we were leaving California, I called a friend to see if he was still in Arizona where he and his wife stay during the winter. Yes, they were still there. He was waiting for a part to come in for their motorhome. It had not come in yet. If they had received it the week before, they would have left yesterday and we would have missed them. So that was number one in the details. Because the part was delayed, they stayed for extra time. This enabled Jeneen and me to stop for a visit on our way to Phoenix.

While we were there, we talked about the travel of other friends we have in common. Sometimes they travel together but this winter everyone had different itineraries. Some had already headed back to Idaho. While getting ready to go eat, our friend received a phone call from one of the couples. We thought they were headed home. Sure enough, they were. But they had just pulled into town and were a couple of blocks from us. Their travels put them there at the same time as Jeneen and me. They met us at the restaurant for lunch. What was set up to be a visit with one couple, ended up to be so much more. God put it together. What a great time.

It was great to see our friends. It was too obvious how the Lord put it together that we could not miss it. Sometimes we need to be reminded. As we walk with God, He does direct our paths. Yesterday was a unique example. It is impossible to say, “It just happened.”

I needed the reminder. When we look closely, we will see the hand of God directing the affairs of our lives. Sometimes it is so obvious that we cannot help but see Him. Even when it is not evident, He is still in control. Walk with the Lord. Look for His orchestration of your day.

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