Discipleship is Happening

“So Monte, I am going to put in a shameless plug for your disciple book, Steadfast and Stable. I have had several opportunities to work through this study with ladies. Some have been Christians for a long time and others are quite new believers. Everyone has learned and grown through being brought to the truths of God’s Word. Thank you for writing it. Now you need to have it translated into Spanish and German! I need them both!” – Debbie

This is one of the comments I have received lately about the discipleship book I wrote. I am so glad that discipleship is happening. Churches are sometimes characterized by shallow believers. They do not have stability or security in their relationship with the Lord. I am concerned that we get past the first things and move on to maturity.

If you are looking for a study of the foundations of the Christian life, I would encourage you to check out “Steadfast and Stable.” It has been used by individuals, one on one, Bible study groups, Sunday school classes, whole church meetings, discipleship seminars, and several other ways too. It is written from the perspective of the love-based relationship with the Lord.

The publisher, JourneyForth has printed more copies recently. Discipleship is happening. Journeyforth is a division of BJU Press. I pray the Lord will continue to use the book to impact people’s lives. Of course, the only reason it does is because it a based upon the Word of God. By the time a person is through the book, they will have looked up many passages. It is a workbook, commentary, and encompasses the biblical foundations of our faith.

“Many Christians have been taught how to look and act like Christians but not how to have an intimate relationship with God. They may do the right things but are often shallow in their understanding of what it truly means to be a Christian and how to have an active and personal walk with God.” – “Steadfast and Stable,” page 16; by Monte Leavell; JourneyForth, a division of BJU Press 2014.

The book is available from the BJU Press, Amazon, and Christian Book Distributers.

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