“You and me, God – Let’s go!”

My wife, Jeneen says she wants to put on my tombstone these words: “You and me, God – Let’s go.” I say them often. I share them in churches I visit. There is great comfort and strength in them. Here are a few reasons why I love the sentence: “You and me, God – Let’s go.”


First, I find God to be the only one who I can truly count on in life. I have a wonderful wife, great family, and terrific friends but compared to God, they fall short. God is there even when I am alone. No one knows me like God. He understands my thought patterns. He knows my heart’s desires and my intentions behind my actions. My wife is a great companion but she is limited. I am limited in my ability to be her all in all. I can never be to her who God is. Nor do I try to take His place in her life. All human relationships, no matter how great they are, pale when compared to a personal intimate love-based relationship with God. He is always there and cares. He meets my needs in a right way every time.


Second, God is not only with me but He is for me too. He wants me to experience everything He has for me in this life. His will is good. If I will walk with Him then I will experience that good. Everything good has come from Him. He has so much for me in this life. That alone is great motivation. What boggles my mind is that this is just the beginning. The good I experience now is just a taste of what I will have forever. I need to know the Lord, walk with Him, talk with Him, and seek Him in every step. God is good. He has good for me.


Third, I want to experience everything God would have for me. It is a drive and desire coming from deep within me. I don’t want to miss anything good God intends for my life. It means going the extra mile for family and friends. It means seeing what is over the next hill when everyone else has stopped. It means working hard even though it’s not required. So, it begins with God. Then it comes to me. “You and me, God.”


Fourth, I must move. Life starts with God but I must embrace it and move forward. How else can I know the joys of living? I must step out in faith, believing He is with me as He said He would be. It is not an isolated existence. We move together. God did not create and save me to simply exist. He has purpose for each day. I want to do and experience all He the good He has for me. It means stepping out of my comfort zone to new adventures. I want those adventures. “Let’s go.”


These are some of the thoughts behind, “You and me, God – let’s go.” I say it so much that it has become a motto for my life. After all these years, I must admit, it is a great life. I can’t wait to see what is next. Every day I live, God has more for me to experience. What’s next? “You and me, God – Let’s Go!”

6 thoughts on ““You and me, God – Let’s go!”

  1. Love your blog and definitely will stay connected thru it. You and He been are and inspiration to me. Thank u 4 allowing God to use u both as an encouragement to others. God bless you

  2. Thank you for sharing a few additional thoughts regarding the phrase ” You and me God- let’s go!”

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