Writing Articles or Blogs

After many years of fighting the idea, I have committed to writing a blog. Many have shared that I have a different perspective on many subjects and have encouraged me to write. Taking up the challenge, I will share as I have opportunity and inspiration. Many subjects will be covered. I pray some will touch your heart in a special way or meet a need or challenge your thinking.

Just because I write does not mean anyone will read it. It amazes me that people come to hear me speak across the country. I know it is not because I am a wonderful and dynamic speaker. They come out of their love for the Lord and want to hear more about Him. They come for the fellowship with other believers. They come because they want to hear the Word of God clearly taught. They want to be confronted, challenged, convicted, and comforted with truth. It is always my goal to clearly present truth as God gives it through His Word. God then brings the results He desires.

In the same way, I hope the Lord will use this blog to touch hearts, meet needs, challenge ideas, and bring views not seen to issues. There will be humor from time to time. People cannot be around me long without realizing that I like to laugh. As my granddaughter says, “Granddad, you’re silly but sometimes you’re serious.” There is time for both in this life.

I try to have God’s view in mind as I look at issues and events. Many of you know we lost our son Chris to melanoma cancer in October of 2015. This has been the hardest thing we have ever gone through as a family. We have received comfort from God’s view of life and eternity. Going through such experiences will change you in deep ways. I have learned much about life, relationships and myself. I will share some of the things I have learned.

I hope you enjoy the articles. Come back to visit as I continue to write. There are many thoughts rattling around in my brain. See what comes out after the wrestling is finished. You may agree or disagree but I hope to make you think.


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