April Letter – 2017

                    My heart has been encouraged.  Let me share.  It has been a joy for Jeneen and me to be with such good pastors and peoples in the churches.  I like to use the phrase to describe them; “people of kindred spirits.”  I really believe God is doing something special in the churches.  People are getting excited about simply walking with God and doing His will.  We know God’s will is good.  There are still many difficulties but the underlying spirit in hearts is a desire to see God work in and through each of us.  People who are hurting are finding comfort in the Lord.  Intimacy in our relationship with God is being sought.  Praise the Lord for how He is working.  As we draw nigh to Him, He will get close to us. 

We are thankful to be a part of what God is doing.  We thank God for putting us in the ministry.  We rest in knowing God is working in and through us.  Sometimes we get to see what He is doing specifically through us.  It is an encouragement.  Thank you all for your prayers and your part in what we do. 

Where we have been –

            March              Kingman, AZ – Calvary Baptist Church

                                    Pocatello, ID – Pocatello Baptist Church

                                    Thayne WY – Friendship Baptist Church

            April                Wenatchee, WA – Lincoln Park Baptist Church

                                    Kent, WA – Galilee Baptist Church

                                    Green River, WY – Green River Bible Baptist Church

                                    Rock Springs, WY – Grace Baptist Church

            That’s the short version.  Here is a bit more about each church and ministry.          

             Kingman AZ at Calvary Baptist Church – They are still looking to the Lord in their search for a new pastor.  God is opening some doors for them.  We hope they find God’s man soon.  Jeneen had a cold while we were there so the church put us in a motel.  Jeneen was able to rest.  The church really ministered to us in our time of need.

            Pocatello ID at Pocatello Baptist Church – Jeneen stayed home to recuperate from her cold.  Pastor Griffin is doing well as pastor there.  He is growing and so is the church.  We had good attendance for the meetings. 

            Thayne WY at Friendship Baptist Church – We enjoyed being with Pastor Jay and Pam Sprecher.  They are missionaries with Northwest Baptist Missions planting a church in Thayne.  The church has its own building and God is working.  We are excited for this church plant.  The Sprechers are doing a good work.

            Wenatchee WA at Lincoln Park Baptist Church – Pastor Brian Ernsberger and I had some good fellowship during the week of meetings.  It is nice to know good men.  We had a good week of meetings with good attendance; special times with special people. 

            Kent WA at Galilee Baptist Church – We had a good time with the church family and the school.  God gave some good times of fellowship with the folks there.  It was a blessing to be with Pastor Hicks, the staff and the church family.  God is working and people are growing in the Lord.

            Green River WY at Green River Bible Baptist Church – We started meetings on Resurrection Sunday.  What a special time to start.  Pastor Jeff Chappell is doing a good job with the church and school.  This was our first time to be with this church.  We were impressed with Pastor, Julie (his wife), and the church family.  I am excited about what the Lord is doing.  It was very evident in the meetings and spirit of the church that God is building lives. People are interested in what God will do in them and through them. 

            We had one day with Grace Baptist Church in Rock Springs WY.  It is always a joy to be with Pastor Kerry Hodgs.  We had a good meeting that night.  The Lord was working as there are several hard situations happening in people’s lives.  I spoke of how God is still good no matter the circumstances we find ourselves going through at the moment.  God can make good come out of bad.  It was a sweet time with God’s people.

 What’s happening now –

            I am still working with some churches that do not have pastors.  God has been opening some doors in regard to that need.  We hope and pray for more good men in the pastorate.  We need more laborers in the West.  Please pray for the churches and the pastors in the West.

            Next on our schedule is the 30th of April, I will be in Ennis MT at Rocky Mountain Baptist Church.  It will be good to see them and to talk with them about their search of a pastor.  I met with a young man in Kent that may be a good possibility.  Pray for them as they search. 

            I look forward to helping the church in Notus ID too.  We also are looking forward to the backpacking men’s camps.  One week will be the last few days of July and the first few of August.  Travis and the group form AZ will be coming that week.  I have some other weeks available too.  I will be speaking at the Black Hills Baptist Camp senior high week the last full week of July.  Busy summer ahead!

             Thanks for your prayers and support for Jeneen and me as we minister among the churches.  It is a blessing to see God work.  We are looking forward while enjoying the blessings of the last months.  May God bless you all in your labors.  Keep up the good work of faith. 

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