2016 Ministry Report

Leavell’s Annual Report
            It has been an unusual year.  Snowfall in December for the Boise Valley is in the top ten recorded amounts.  It is not a normal winter so far.  Our presidential race was certainly not normal.  The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.  Our home church moved into our new building in December after being in a rented facility since the church was started fourteen years ago.  The topic of this being an unusual year has come up in many conversations.  We would also characterize this year in ministry as being unusual.
            Unusual is not always bad.  Actually, this year has been exceptionally good.  The opportunities to minister have been numerous but sometimes we served in unusual ways.  We helped in churches that are looking for pastors.  I spoke at a home school graduation service.  I was able to help in various capacities with the building of our new church.  There was opportunity to speak in several conferences along with annual meetings for missionaries.  The men’s backpacking camps went well.  My conditioning was above average.  We were able to do things I really enjoyed in the mountains.  We had meetings in several churches throughout the year.  The fellowship in the churches, camps, conferences, and in the homes we stayed was unusually good.
            2016 has not always been good.  We have helped with people, pastors, and churches in hurting situations.  There is much suffering and pain in this world.  It helps us to look forward to the new heavens and new earth where righteousness dwells.  Our family’s loss of Chris is still forefront in our thoughts.  As we minister in the churches, God brings many to us who are also hurting due to loss of one type or another.  We comfort each other with the comfort God has given us.  God’s grace and comfort is sufficient.  But loss still hurts.
            We praise the Lord for His provision spiritually, physically, and emotionally throughout the year.  Jeneen and I are doing well.  The Lord continues to keep us busy.  We are thankful for this unusual year.  We look forward to a busy year in 2017.
Looking Ahead –
            2017 starts off with us being in Utah for meetings, then to a round robin mission conference in Idaho.  We will be in California, Idaho, and Wyoming in March.  April will start in Washington.  We are looking to be in South Africa in September/October.  November we have a meeting scheduled in Arizona.  We also want to help churches without pastors when God gives those opportunities.  Along with the other things the Lord sets before us, 2017 looks like a busy year.  I wonder if it will be unusual.  May God continue to bless you in the work He has called for you.  Thank you for your prayers and support of the ministry He has set before us.

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