Leavell Prayer Letter – March 2011

LEAVELL’S PRAYER LETTER                                                         March 2011

Dear Friends,

How can I share all the wonderful blessings and unique events of the past couple of months?  God has done so much and His grace has enabled so much.  It is hard to describe.  Some of you are on facebook so you know a little bit of what we have been doing.  If you would like to friend us, please let us know. 

The end of January till February 6th, I was in Eureka Montana at Valley Baptist Church.  Pastor and Juanetta Schrepfer have been used greatly in the Lord’s work there.  We are praying for the new contacts and for souls to be saved.  We are also praying for some needs among the body of believers.  In addition to the meetings, I was able to speak at the Fisher’s and Hunter’s Banquet.  I have been able to put some power point presentations together.  There were some new people there for the banquet.  They heard the gospel.  Pray for fruit as the seeds have been planted.  Pastor Matt is busy following up with several. 

I drove home to finish getting ready for a trip to South Africa, leaving the 8th of February.  The Lord put Missionary Lee Peterson back into my life a couple of years ago.  At that time we discussed the possibility of a trip there.  He gave me dates and the Lord put it all together.  I was able to speak in four different churches and do a ministry leadership training conference.  There was a lot of fellowship with the missionaries in the area and people of the churches.  God is doing great things there with His servants faithfully preaching and teaching His Word.  It was good to see God’s working among the missionaries and in the churches.  I am hoping to go again next year about the same time.  It was a joy to fellowship with such choice servants of the Lord.

I arrived home March 2nd, a little tired with some jet lag but was ready to leave March 11th for Arizona  to speak at Calvary Baptist Church in Kingman.  Pastor and Vicki Lenzi are being used of God greatly there.  It is always exciting to see the new ones in the church and to be with old friends too.  I went down to Phoenix to see the grandkids and of course there families.  While there, I met with several pastors and friends.  I am thankful for Pastor Alberto allowing me to share the ministry God has for us, in Faith Baptist Church in Glendale. 

I am now preparing for a trip to Alaska.  I leave with two young men from our home church, Randy and Jason Lavorante, Saturday April 2nd.  I will be speaking at Anchor Point Baptist Church, Immanuel Baptist Church, Pioneer Baptist Church, and in Illiamna with Mike and Jeanette Clark, BMM missionaries.  I am planning on being home the 20th of April.  Randy and Jason will be with me till the 11th of April.   They have to be home to go back to work.  It is their desire to see how God is working in different areas around the world.  They both have been a part of recent backpacking retreats also.  I look forward to sharing what God is doing in Alaska with them. 

Future Trips – I have Sunday May 8th open for the Phoenix Area and Wednesday the 11th.  We want to make ourselves available to be used as God sees fit.  We also have other dates open in May and June.  In July, we start the Men’s backpacking camps.  I look forward to several trips this year.  Looks like a busy schedule for them. 

 Thank you for your prayers.  God is blessing and working greatly.  I wish I could share all the decisions and the details of each meeting but space does not allow it.  Again, thanks for all you do to keep us doing what God sets before us. 

 Your Fellow Servants, 

Monte & Jeneen Leavell

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