Prayer Letter – May 2011


May 2011

Dear Friends,

     The picture is from Pioneer Baptist Church in North Pole Alaska.  The have done more work since this was taken March 2010.  Pastor Marshall Hamilton has asked Jeneen and me to come up for a month to help with the many projects and the preaching and teaching ministry of Pioneer Baptist.  We head there June 6th and I will be coming home July 7th.  With all of the daylight, there will be opportunity to do much.  We look forward to what God is going to do during our time there. 

     God gave great trips in April and May.  The trip with two young men from our home church toAlaska went well.  I spoke in three churches while they were with me.  The Lord gave good days for them to see the sights and to meet different pastors and see the camp ministry at Higher Ground. Alaska is a special place where God has opened many doors for us to minister over the years.  It was nice to share it with Randy and Jason. 

     After they flew back to Idaho, I went out to Iliamna to be with Mike and Jeannette Clark.  This was my first visit to a more remote area ofAlaska.  The village ministry reminded me much of the work Regeneration Reservation Ministries is doing among the Native Americans in Arizona.  We have enjoyed working with Regeneration at various times over the years and have learned much from them.  Those lessons become valuable for ministry in these types of areas.  It was a joy to work with Mike and Jeannette and the people in the villages.

     Jeneen and I were able to spend the first two weeks of May in Arizona.  It is always a good trip there to see friends and the church families. But with two sons and their families there, it is always great to see them too. 

     On the Home Front – Our home church, Fellowship Baptist Church has made an offer on land and it was accepted.  We have much information to gather before we make the final decision.  I am an active part of the team when I am home.  Please pray for our church here as we go through this process.  The Lord opened the door on 19 acres of land.  We need to know His will every step of the way.   We do not want to be ahead of Him or behind Him.  We just want to do His will.  Please pray.

     As you can see, we have much going on.  We appreciate your prayers for wisdom, grace, and strength.  God is working greatly these days.  Thanks you so much for your part of His work in and through our lives. 

Your Fellow Servants

Monte & Jeneen Leavell

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