Our Latest Report – July 2018

South Africa Report and Backpacking Ministry – July 2018
Dear Friends,

I arrived in George, SA on Friday, June 1st, seeing my good friend, Peter Wood in the crowd of those waiting for the passengers from the plane. After loading my luggage, we started for Sedgefield, about 40 kilometers away, catching up on life. Just outside of George, traffic was stopped. We waited a few minutes while Peter checked on the situation, finding out that there was a bad accident in the canyon ahead and traffic was going to be stopped for hours while they cleared the road. There was another way around but it was out of the way and it soon became impassable. We opted to turn around and go to Mugg and Bean to eat and talk. While there, I saw several missionaries and friends who had stopped for the same reason. Hours later, we arrived in Sedgefield. This is the way my trip started. It was wonderful to see how the Lord worked every day through plans and circumstances, putting me together with people, fellowshipping, encouraging, talking, with deep discussions about the Lord and life.

Lakeside Baptist Church is moving forward. I did all the preaching and teaching at the church while there. This is a special group. They had a baptismal service for someone recently saved. What a joy to see the Lord working in lives. The Biblical Leadership Institute is meeting in their building with many students coming from the church.

We are already looking to next year for another trip to South Africa to be at Lakeside and possibly be with others as the Lord gives opportunity. I did not get to go to Cape Town or to spend time in Johannesburg or with others and I missed them. God is working in South Africa. It is a privilege to see what is happening as churches are established and growing. Discipleship is happening, training is being made available for those interested, and workers equipped. Praise the Lord for the people and the missionary efforts by those God has risen up from both within and outside South Africa.

This week of backpacking camp was canceled as the group was not able to come. But next week I will be with our church camp, followed by a week of backpacking camp and then possibly another week as I was approached about another week, the third full week of August. We will see what the Lord puts together. My hip is doing better and I trust I will be able to do it. This year could be very telling. I am getting older…

Thank you all for your prayers and continued support. Jeneen and I thank you so much. So far, for the fall we will be in Alaska, Montana, Utah, and Washington. May God be glorified.

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