Making Words My Own

How does a person take words spoken and written by millions of people and make them their own? The ability to communicate passion and emotion is worthy of thought and study. Words come from one person entering other’s lives. Meaning conveyed, emotion felt, ideas shared, all stemming from the ability to communicate. It is a wonder that one person can share their life with another; verbally, by talking or writing, drawing pictures, making music, using gestures, or facial expressions.

God gave us the ability to communicate with one another. He shows us how as He talks to us through His Word, through the Spirit, through the sights and sounds of creation, words and music for the soul. Many do not hear His voice because they are not listening. They do not see His beauty, feel His touch, or sense His emotion.

I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all, of time and eternity, of all God created and will create, of the complexity of one simple life. Yet, He loves and intimately knows – “ME” – and YOU. I can tell you what He means to me, what He has done in my life. All because, He has given us the ability to make words our own.

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