The Influential Foundational Decisions

In Psalm 101, David makes decisions about his life and reign as king of Israel. It is a good study on practical Christian living. He did not always follow the principles he spells out in the Psalm but they became foundational in his life. I can identify with David in his desires.

Recently I was asked a question that has caused me to reflect on my life. To paraphrase the question, “What have you found to be the most influential decisions you made as young person that helped you to become who you are today?” I have given much thought to the question, finally coming to an answer.

The first decision was that I wanted to follow the Lord, no matter if anyone else did. This kept me away from the influences of negative peer pressure, making me an independent thinker. Like David, I wanted to live the life God had for me and to walk with Him. Some of my friends were not. So that brought me to the next decision in my life. I want to be around people who are following the Lord. This decision became very influential.

Not everyone in the youth group wanted to walk with God. Within the church family were people who desired to live a life pleasing to the Lord and those who were just there. I found myself gravitating toward those serious about walking with the Lord. Church became a home, a place to be with others who loved the Lord, who wanted to grow and walk with Him. Not only did we meet together on Sunday but we became involved in each other’s lives throughout the week. They helped to focus me on the Lord, pointing me to Him.

So if I were to give advice to young people, I would tell them to walk with the Lord whether anyone else goes with you on the journey. God will sustain you. As they travel the path, they will find many others who love the Lord and are walking with Him. Get close to those people. No matter what happens in life, walk with the Lord.

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