It’s Just a Shovel

While backpacking deep into the wilderness of central Idaho, our little plastic shovel broke. No big deal, right? We used the trowel for digging what is called a “cat hole.” This is how we use the restroom in the mountains. The tool was inexpensive and lightweight, even though broken we were able to use it but not without difficulty.

“There is something in the lake.” The water in the high country lakes is often crystal clear allowing a person to see deep into the water. I noticed, along with fellow backpackers from the men’s backpacking camp, that there was a shiny object in about 7 feet of water. We guessed what it might be. I thought a knife or maybe a plastic wrapper of some kind that had blown into the water, the people not able to retrieve it. I tried to cast a spinner and let it sink to where it would catch whatever was there. After many failed attempts, I gave up, being able to move but not getting ahold of it. The next day I would go swimming in the chilly waters.

After preparing to enter the lake, I stood on a rock looking into the cold water that would take away my breath. You just have to do it! I jumped headfirst into the clear lake. Once you are in a while, your body adjusts to the temperature. I swam around a bit before focusing on the spot where the shiny object was located. A couple of the men were standing on the shore watching this escapade.

I was able to get an idea the identity of the object having a better view directly above it. I looked at the guys. “You’re not going to believe this. It is just like the Lord. He has a sense of humor.” I could see the object but needed to be sure before I told the guys. I was laughing while treading water. Taking some deep breathes, I went headfirst, diving to retrieve the object. Sure enough, when I touched it, it was metal, having a handle and a blade. I brought to the surface a small foldable trowel. I was laughing while saying, “It is just like the Lord. He knew we would break ours and would need one.”

Someone lost it or threw it into the water, not wanting to carry the weight. We have no idea how the shovel came to be in the lake but what an incredible series of events. Our shovel had broken and the Lord provided one in the middle of the wilderness. We used it the rest of the trip. It was so much better than the plastic trowel. God provided.

Now, if you are reading this article and you lost a small collapsible trowel in the central mountains of Idaho, I will gladly give it back to you if you can tell me which lake and where in that lake we found it. If you do not want it back, I want to thank you for it. God put together an interesting series of events to supply our need. It is just like the Lord.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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