Worth the Heartbreak

Two years ago today, our son Peter wrote a post on Facebook about relationships and his brother Chris.  Chris went to be with the Lord on October 15, 2015.  The Lord gives comfort and grace.  I have often said that that deeper the relationship, the deeper the pain of loss.  But the greater the relationship, the greater the experience of love and joy.

“What is it to be friends with a good man? Growing up, my brothers Chris, Joe, and I were called the ‘Leavell Boys’ wherever we went, and with our dad as a pastor and then evangelist, we went places and did tons. We were best friends, and now, as we go over pictures and words we said to each other, we’re just now understanding how rare and valuable our relationship was. We have private Facebook pages and secret blogs and sacred phone texts and angelic pictures now enshrined because Chris will no longer add to them. Was the relationship worth the heartbreak that hasn’t assuaged a mite for his wife, kids, parents, brothers, grandmothers, friends? Chris loved those around him with every bit of his being, many times risking the breaking of a relationship by telling folks what they needed most. His honest love and tenderheartedness for others made him incredibly lovable.”

“An elderly man came into my office the other day and said he would do anything for one last heartbreak, one last devastation, one last pain that brings him to his knees because he lived his life reserved, held back, so he wouldn’t be hurt. His loneliness and pointlessness consumed him and he had no one he could say loved him with all their heart.”

“Although my family still feels the loss of Chris, I would have to say, “Yeah, knowing that good man was worth the heartache.” I recommend being friends with a good man. Just talk with him, and most of all, listen to him. It’ll be worth the heartbreak.” – Peter R. Leavell

Thank you Peter for your words.  So many people settle for so little when God has so much.  This is especially true in families and relationships.  It starts with a deep, vital, on-going, love-based relationship with the Lord.  Then we reach out to those around us with the love He has given us.  So many people are missing so much.944057_1019764121418310_6673049171247330309_n

3 thoughts on “Worth the Heartbreak

  1. Dear Pastor Leavell, I found a book you gave me Feb 1992 while we were at Calvary Baptist.
    I know we have lost touch over the years.
    I’d like to connect up with you folks again sometime.

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