February Ministry Update

Dear Friends,
God is good. That does not change because of the circumstances of life. We hold onto the truth of His goodness. Jeneen and I have been experiencing the ups and downs of life. There are things we have greatly enjoyed and there are events we wish never happened. It has been an incredible time since our last update. This will be a newsy letter.

MINISTRY – In January, I was in Delta Utah for meetings at Grace Baptist Church. They are looking for a pastor. This is a wonderful group of people and we pray God gives them a good pastor. We already scheduled meeting for next year. While in Utah I was able to meet with some pastors for a time of fellowship.
In January, I also did a Discipleship Seminar at Fellowship Baptist Church in Nampa. I will be doing another one there in February. I will be going to Montana to be at Temple Baptist Church where Todd Saseck is pastor for a banquet and a Sunday. I hope to see some pastor friends on the trip there and back. I will also be speaking at the Pine Derby for our home church in February.
In March, I am scheduled to be in Sonoma CA at Grace Baptist Church where Timothy Brower is pastor. March 11th, I will also be with Pastor Tom Smith at Central Baptist Church in Pomona, CA. I am also waiting on the Lord to see if I go to AZ for a week.
April starts with the Northern Plains Fellowship meetings in Hulett, WY. It is always good to see the men who faithfully serve in eastern WY, eastern MT, ND, and SD. Then I head to CO for meetings in Grand Junction with Pastor Eric Turner at Liberty Baptist Church. Then I will be in Kent, WA for Galilee Baptist Church for their 75th anniversary. The first part of May, I will be in Pendleton OR for meetings at Grace Baptist Church.
The last of May, we are working on another trip to South Africa. I would possibly be there from the last week of May through the first Sunday of July. We pray the Lord will put together the time there. One place I will spend most of the time is Sedgefield at Lakeside Baptist Church. The Lord worked put financing together for the building last fall. They now have it. Thank you to all who helped in that project.

FAMILY – Jeneen has not been able to travel much since her mom has been having medical issues. To add to it, the last part of January my mom had a small stroke. I am thankful it was not more severe but it was bad enough that she will have months of therapy. The doctors think she will fully recover. Please pray for Jeneen and the care she is giving to our moms. Please pray for our moms too.
Our son Joe recently took a position of associate pastorate. We hope and pray the Lord will work greatly in his new ministry. He is still working with the Biblical Counseling Center of Arizona and at ASU.
Peter had a new book released the last part of January. It is a children’s book but has already been enjoyed by many adults. It is called “Dino Hunters – Discovery in the Desert.” It is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

WRITING – I have been writing articles for our blog at monteleavell.com. Please pray the Lord will use it for His glory. I also have a Facebook page which I keep updated with where we are and what we are doing. It is not our Monte- Jeneen Leavell account but an actual page, https://www.facebook.com/monteleavell. If you would like to stay updated on our ministry, you can like the page and they will send notices when we post news and articles.
I am still working on more books. I am getting some time for writing. Maybe I should say that I am taking more time for writing. It is definitely a discipline. I am still in training. I have three Bible study booklets in the works. I am excited about them, one being a book about contentment with God’s will.
An encouraging note was that Journeyforth Publishing, a division of BJU Press notified me that they sent my book, “Steadfast and Stable,” back to the printers for more copies. Praise the Lord because that means discipleship is happening.

THANKS – Jeneen and I would like to thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support. We are humbled by what the Lord has done over the years. God is still working. He is still good. Nothing changes the character of God. It is a privilege to serve the Lord. Thank you for your part in what He is doing in and through us. We gratefully appreciate the people God has put into our lives.

Peter's Dino Hunters

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