Thankful for Smoke Detectors

People who had fire destroy their homes know the devastation of such a tragedy. Some of us have narrowly averted a fire because of a little devise with an ear piercing sound. The smoke detectors have detonated a couple of times in our home for a real reason. I am thankful when they help us avoid a terrible situation.

Sometimes the batteries in our smoke detectors weaken and the chirping begins. Why does it have to be the middle of the night? Chirp! And then two minutes later, chirp! Getting up from a warm bed, I get the step ladder and replace the battery. The sound is gone and now we can sleep.

I remember a couple of times when the smoke detectors started blaring and there was a legitimate reason. Quickly finding the cause, tragedy was averted. I am thankful for smoke detectors.

There are warnings given by God in His Word. They are to keep us from devastation. Why does God tell us not to lie to each other? Because He knows we will have stronger relationships if we do not.

An employer does not look for someone who steals to work for them. A husband or wife wants to trust his or her spouse. I do not enjoy friendships with people who are always angry. God warns us that these things are devastating. People get tired of hearing about the awfulness of sin and the pain it causes. It may sound like “chirping” to them. It may sound like a siren. But I am thankful for the warnings. God keeps me from pain and devastation when I heed the warnings.

Yes, I am thankful for smoke detectors but I am more thankful for God’s Word. Both things have kept me from some awful messes. Excuse me while I go turn off the stove…


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