November Prayer Letter – 2013

 Leavell’s Prayer Letter Update

 Dear Friends,

             Have you ever wished you could do something over again?  This afternoon, I was thinking back over the many years of ministry as a pastor and missionary evangelist.  Such reflection can be good but then you remember some of the events where you failed to say the right thing, hurt someone, or turned someone away somehow.  You remember the things you thought were so important at the moment only to find they were not really worthy of all the fuss.  God knows how many times we have failed Him.  As I reflect, I am so thankful for God’s comfort and grace to us.  I am thankful He does not give up on us even though someone else may have.  The conclusion to my thinking – I believe and hope I have learned a few things over the many years.  But then, the more we learn, the less we know.  Maybe you have never pondered such things but if you have, you can identify with my meditations this afternoon.

Where we have been –

            We spent some time in the LA area of California.  While there, we were at Bible Baptist Church in Santa Monica.  Pastor Russ Boone is doing a great job there.  He has been at the church since 1995.  We ministered there in 94-95 when they were without a pastor.  It was great to meet Pastor Boone and his family.  Praise the Lord, the church is doing well. 

            We stopped in at First Baptist Church in Wilmington also.  It was great to renew friendship with Pastor Tom Wilhite and his wife.  Jeneen and I really enjoy the time of fellowship with them.  I know this is something we feel many times but the time with them was just not long enough.   By God’s will, maybe in the future…

            The last backpacking trip was in the middle of September.  It was not as cold as I thought it would be.  It was a great trip with some of the best fishing and hiking of the summer.  Thanks to all the men who went this year.  You helped make “soul-refreshing” backpacking camps. 

            When we are home, we have taken on ministry in our church to the college, career age singles.  Each Sunday we are home, we will do a Sunday school class for them.  They are great.  We have enjoyed the activities and the Bible studies.   

Future plans –

            We will be doing some ministry at First Baptist Church in Notus, ID.  We have found Pastor Cleve and Jean Clucas to be good friends.  We look forward to being with them for their fall banquet and Sunday November 11th

            We are scheduled to be Arizona in December.  It is always nice to go down there because it is where Chris and Joe live with their families.  Of course, we never get tired of seeing grandkids. 

            Next years schedule is starting to come together.  We are working on another trip to South Africa in May-June of 2013.  Jeneen and I enjoy the people there.  We look forward to what God has for us in South Africa. 

  A Special Time –

            Jeneen and I were able to take a special trip thanks to her sister.  Her sister works for Princess Cruises.  We had not taken a real vacation for about three years.  Through her sister, we were able to go on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii.  It was so special for Jeneen and me.  Thanks Denise. 

            Even on such a trip, we had lots of opportunities to share Christ and encourage Christians.  We became part of a Bible study on the ship and even helped in the Sunday church service.  We met two couple from Baptist churches that are looking for pastors.  As many of you know, when we have opportunity, we help churches seeking a pastor.  One of the men was on the pulpit committee for his church.  We spent quite a bit of time talking about the process and the need for good, faithful pastors.  They were finding the process quite difficult.  We were also asked to present our ministry to the group on board the ship.  Jeneen came to the conclusion that we will be busy doing the Lord’s work, even on vacation.  We are thankful because we were also able to spend some quality time together.  We just like being together.

 Thank you for praying –

            Thanks for your prayers.  God has been working in us and we trust through us.  I am working hard on the rewrites and edits of two books.  Please pray for us as we seek God’s will for each day.  Please pray for the churches and the pastors.  Thank you.

 May God bless –

            Keep looking to the Lord as it gets difficult looking around without looking up.  Thanks for being a part of what God is doing in our lives.

Monte & Jeneen Leavell


            Peter, our oldest son, wrote the book, “Gideon’s Call.”  It is available now at Family Christian Bookstores, Barnes and Noble, or online at CBD and Amazon and other stores too.  It is an award winning historical fiction based in the Civil War period.  We would encourage you to check it out.  Hope you enjoy it.  I know I did.

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