Our mission is clear.

Our Mission Is Clear

            The election of 2012 shows the moral decay of our nation.  We will continue to see rapid changes, even at a more accelerated rate.  More states are joining the acceptance of homosexuality, legalization of marijuana, and continual suppression of achievement by raising penalties on success in order to give to those who do not.  Our nation continues to take away rights in order to establish those who want to live an amoral lifestyle with no consequences.  The presidential election was determined not by political ideals but by moral issues.  We must face the fact that our nation is as President Obama said, no longer a Christian nation.

            So what about Christians, who believe in morality and absolutes?  We become the target.  We become a roadblock standing in the way of change.  Those who want an amoral society with no consequences view Christians as stuck in tradition or simple and small minded.

            We were able in the past, to think of our nation as embracing morality and good ethics. We must realize the truth and move from our complacent existence and our seeking of acceptance from society.  The moral climate of America will not change until the heart of America is changed.  Morality and good ethics must come from the heart and soul of the people.  You may not be able to legislate morality in a nation.  But as we see in our country, you can sure give acceptance to immorality.

            Paul just before his death wrote Timothy a letter.  He said that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind.  He encouraged Timothy to continue in what he knew was truth even though there would be great changes in life and society.  As the battle for the heart of America continues, we must stay with what we know is true.  God is still God.  Nothing can separate us from His love.  All those who live godly will suffer from those who do not.  We will be ridiculed, laughed at, and may even become the objects of violent action.

            Our mission is clear.  Speak the truth in love.  There is forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Share the truth which comes from God where you are able.  Pray for the changing of hearts and lives.  Do not lose heart my fellow believers.  There is always hope in the Lord.

 – Monte Leavell

2 thoughts on “Our mission is clear.

  1. all i can do right now is beg forgiveness for this nation, and watch as more christian and jewish rights are stripped away,,, so very sad,,,sin feels good for the moment but as the long term consequences sink in it will be very painful for all,

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