August Prayer Letter

Image      Across the West, we have a drought.  The wildfires are still causing damage as they consume more and more acreage.  The fires and their smoke did affect some of the camps and backpacking.  Winter will be welcome relief to the West.  I look forward to six inches of snow across Idaho.

     The summer is going by quickly.  Four different weeks of camps, a couple of backpacking adventures and now bit of time at home makes it go fast.  Camps in AZ, WA and WY were good this summer.  I enjoyed the spiritual emphasis of each one.  The last two weeks of camp, we had several young people and teens who accepted Christ as their Savior.  The Lord gave many decisions among the believers too.  Even today, I heard of one who has carried their decision into their school.  Praise the Lord for how He is working in hearts. 

     We did Men’s Camp trips with a group from our home church and a group from AZ.  I have one more scheduled in September.  How many more years I will be able to do the backpacking trips, only the Lord knows.  I am thankful for each year He still enables.  They are “soul refreshing.”

     We look forward to the fall ministry.  We have a couple of things already on the schedule.  Our calendar does have some open dates in the months to come.  Let us know if we can be a help.


     Many have asked how we get meetings.  Since the beginning of our time in evangelism, I determined before the Lord that I would depend upon Him for the meetings and our schedule.  After 18 years of travel, I have not changed my feeling about this method.  Therefore, unless someone brings a request to us, we do not pursue them.  We have simply let people know we are available.  It is then in God’s hands to lead them to invite us to work together.  We would love to be everywhere we are invited.  Our prayer has always been that we will be where God wants us to be, doing what God wants us to do, when He wants us to do it.    

     “How do churches hear about you if you do not promote?”  It has been by word of mouth.  Eleven years in the pastorate allowed us to be known in several circles.  That started us out with a pretty full schedule from the beginning.  From there we have expanded as the Lord allowed. 

     So, if someone would want us to come to minister in their church, camp, or conferences, they just need to ask.  We can set the dates and we will come.  It does not matter where, or whatever, if the Lord opens the doors, we want to be a part.  We come on a love offering basis.  God is good and He still directs all of our paths. 


     We would like to give a special thanks to all who have been a part of the ministry God has called us to do.  Over 18 years, we have been in missionary evangelism.  We know we could not do what we do without all of your support and prayers.  As God has used us in the lives of many over the years, you have been used of Him in our lives.  Thank you so much.  To God be the glory for what He has done and is doing in us and through each of us as we serve Him.

May God bless you all.

Your Friends and Fellow Servants, 

Monte & Jeneen Leavell 

Visions West Ministries

Evangelist Monte Leavell

1036 N Pinnacle Way

Eagle, ID  83616

(208) 939- 8859 (Home)


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