Recent Update

 Dear Friends,

 Wow!  Where to begin?  It has been a busy couple of months since we came home from South Africa.  We had meetings in Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Alaska.  We have seen God do some miraculous things.  It is a blessing to serve the Lord.
Jeneen took a bad fall headfirst down some stairs while we were in Alaska.  We praise the Lord it was not worse than it was.  She has healed up from the scraps and rug burns to her face.  The bruises are about gone.  She did tear a ligament in her neck.  When doing the MRI, they found she had a couple of bulging discs in her neck from prior trauma.  She is getting therapy and starting to get some relief.  I am thankful she was not hurt worse because when I saw her at the bottom of the stairs, she did not look good.  It was a bad fall.  God saved her from terrible injury and possibly even death.
One of the blessings we experience is being in churches for repeated visits.  Because of this, we see the spiritual growth in the church families.  We have seen much growth in the pastor too.  It is a blessing to see what God is doing in them and through them.  We trust they are able to see growth in us too.  Eighteen years ago this month, we made the decision that God wanted us in missionary evangelism.  We have been to many churches since then.  As Paul expressed, we are thankful that God found us faithful, putting us in the ministry.
Today, May 6th, finds us home on a Sunday for the fist time in months.  We are getting ready to fellowship with our church family at Fellowship Baptist Church in Meridian ID.
Later this week, we head to Kingman AZ to be at Calvary Baptist Church.  They are looking for a pastor.  We will minister there the next three Sundays in May.  During the week days, we will go down to Phoenix to see the boys and their families.  Jeneen will be speaking at Grace Baptist Church’s Ladies Tea Lunch while we are down there.  Please pray for the working of the Lord in Kingman as they seek to find God’s man.  Pray the we will be a blessing to them in the work they are doing.  God has a man for them.
This summer we have two camps where we will participate in their programs.  One is in Washington and the other in Wyoming.  Men’s backpacking trips are coming together.  We have scheduled them starting the first full week of August.  Please pray as we put together the fall ministry schedule.  We are seeking God’s will on what to do and where to do it.  God has opened some doors already.  Of course, we are flexible to whatever God would have.
May God bless.  Thank you for your prayers and support of what God is doing in us and through us.  God is answering prayer.

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