2019 Annual Report for the Leavells

2019 Report – Leavell’s Annual Report

Dear Friends,

As we finishing living through the year of 2019, we will soon be able to look back and say that the Lord did not return yet. Maybe the Lord will return in 2020. It is always good to be looking for His return and to love His appearing.
2019 was another good ministry year with a milepost of 25 years in this ministry. After 11 years of pastoring, we started the itinerant work among the churches. Although we are not results orientated, we do look to the Lord to bring forth fruit from our labors. This year we saw much fruit. Some was in direct result of the meetings and other fruit was made know to use later. Praise the Lord for His increase. Along with meetings in churches, we ministered at camps, backpacking retreats, two men’s retreats, seminars, and various other events. We thank the Lord for putting us into the ministry.
We are eagerly anticipating the Lord’s direction in 2020. We still have some open dates and seek the Lord’s direction for meetings, seminars, and Sundays. We are praying about the possibility of a trip to India and going back to South Africa. The Lord is opening more doors. We are also working with churches looking a pastor. As the Lord gives opportunities we help as we can.
The discipleship book, “Steadfast and Stable,” continues to be used in the U.S. and other countries. I am encouraged because sales are increasing as more people find the value of the study. I continue to work on the next study. We will let you know about it as we walk through the process.
Our health continues to let us know we are getting older. We have been able to keep a good schedule and look forward to as long as the Lord gives us strength for the day. Jeneen has been doing better and has traveled more with me this year. Both of our moms have been doing okay for now. We are glad of that. Jeneen’s mom is 90 now and my mom is busy with business, church, and family. Our family is very busy with life. Tonya graduated from Boise State this month. Peter, Kade, and Philip graduate next may with their respective degrees. We praise the Lord for each of our family members.
Thank you for your friendship and encouragement throughout the year. We hope to see many of you this year and if the rapture happens, we will see you all in the air. Thank you and may God continue to work in and through you as you walk with Him.


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