Christmas Greetings – 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

October 2019 - 1

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. As we head into the year 2020, we are mindful of the changes coming. God has given a good year for 2019. We have seen many people saved and believer’s lives changed. Along with much fruit has come some issues. We have friends who are been dealing with issues in health, churches, ministries, and life in general. We sorrow with those who sorrow, weep with those who weep, laugh with those who laugh, rejoice with those who rejoice; we went through many and varied emotions throughout the year.

Jeneen and I have been feeling the years of wear and tear on our bodies. We’ve been in good health for the most part, Jeneen, dealing with the issues that have plagued her for years and me, discovering worn out joints and muscles not so young any more. But we are able to continue in ministry with the Lord setting much before us.

Ministry this year has included much variety; retreats, camps, meetings, helping churches without pastors, and whatever else the Lord set before us. Jeneen has been able to travel a bit more this year than in the past few because her mom is doing better. Along with turning 90 in July, her mom’s health has been fairly good. We are thankful for her mom’s ability to do what she does and for Jeneen’s ability to be there for her in times of need. My mom is doing well, keeping busy with her many activities with family, church, and business.

Peter looks forward to graduating from BSU in May of 2020 with a Master’s degree. Tonya graduated this month and continues her graduate work in January. They have both been teaching in Boise Classical Academy while they finish their classes at Boise State. Our grandchildren, Kade and Philip are graduating high school next May too. Michelle and the kids are in Meridian with her teaching piano lessons for many students. We are always amazed at how much Scott is growing. He will be a tall boy. Joe and Rebekah are still in Phoenix with their 4 children. We were able to do a wonderful trip with them this summer. Our grandchildren keep getting taller and older. It makes us realize we must be getting older too.

Jeneen and I want to wish you a Merry Christmas as you spend time with family and friends. We are thankful for and realize more and more, the preciousness of each of you. May you see the goodness of our God as you walk with Him.

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