“Why would I want to do that?”

Cody - Rattlesnake Mtn

It is a challenge that many are not willing to try. When I was the recreation director for a camp in the Black Hills, one challenge I gave the teens was to run to the top of a hill, about 50 yards of a steep incline. They would take up the challenge and see who could do it the fastest.

Then, pastoring in another state, I became the recreation director at a new camp. I tried a similar challenge with the teens. They would not take up the test of skill and strength. “Why would I want to do that?” was the response of one. They were not willing to try. It burst my bubble of thinking that people liked a challenge.

As a young man, I liked hiking in areas others would hesitate going because it was too steep or rough. That was precisely the reason I wanted to go there. It was not crowded, by that I mean, I would never see anyone in the area. If I did, then it was too crowded. You can be isolated like that in Wyoming. One area I could experience this was climbing the side of Rattlesnake Mountain from the canyon. It is steep, very steep, but up above, there are nice areas and a hidden spring.

I found an old camp site from probably around 1900 near the spring. Investigating the site, I found an old bucket, wire, some old cans, and miscellaneous items strewn around the area. As far as I know, they are still there, battling the elements, rust covered and slowly deteriorating. As I climbed further up and out to a point, I had a view of the South Fork and North Fork of the Shoshone River. I could see all of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir and even much of Cody through the window of the canyon. It was worth the climb. I have never seen anyone in that area no matter how many times I climbed the mountain. Yes, it was worth taking the challenge.

In life, we face many challenges, trials, and tests. It is hard work getting projects done, climbing mountains, going through hardships and difficult issues. While proceeding, don’t miss the opportunities to see and learn about our God, life, and relationships. Others will never experience life the way you will. Challenges are unique opportunities God gives to broaden our views, strengthen our faith and character, test our motivation, and to build our lives.

Some Christians like to insulate themselves from difficulty and challenge. They want everything to work smoothly in their life. They don’t try things that may cause them discomfort or stress. For whatever reason, they shy away from the challenge. “Why would I want to do that?” A good reason could be; it is God’s will for you to do or go through it. If it is, you will see and learn things that you will miss if you don’t accept the challenge. What challenges are you facing? Go through them and see the working of God in you and through you.

cody - Rattlesnake Mountain

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