Fall Update 2018

Leavell’s Fall Update

Dear Friends,

The Lord gave us a good summer. The men’s retreat and camps were great. After spending the month of June in South Africa, I came home to work in our home church and camps. Also, we have been in some churches around the west, speaking, visiting, and encouraging. September has brought a busy schedule. The Lord is opening many doors.

Jeneen and I start in Eureka MT at Valley Baptist Church where Missionary Pastor Matt Schrepfer has been working. We will be doing a youth activity, meetings, and fellowship. After that, I fly to Kansas City for the Mid Continent Fellowship meetings at Fair Haven Baptist Church. I look forward to being there and the fellowship.
I then fly home for a bit before flying to Alaska for meetings and a men’s retreat at Higher Ground Baptist Bible Camp. The first Sunday of October, I will be at Soldotna Baptist Church where Jon Craven is pastor. The next week, Jeneen will fly up for a week while we have meetings at Immanuel Baptist Church in the Wasilla-Palmer area where Ben Burtch is pastor. From there, I fly to Fairbanks to be at Hamilton Acres Baptist Church and Pioneer Bible Church. We will be with Pastor Bruce Hamilton and Marshall Hamilton. I will also be doing a joint seminar on discipleship with the churches using my book, Steadfast and Stable, finishing ministry in Alaska on the 4th of November.
After coming home, Jeneen and I will be heading to Washington for meetings at Lincoln Park Baptist Church where Pastor Brian Ernsberger is ministering. We will try to work out the next Sunday to be with another church. We hope the Lord will work things out for the rest of the winter schedule.

Jeneen and I want to thank you for your prayers and support and encouragement. God is working greatly. We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for the days ahead. Thank you for your part in what the Lord is doing in and through our lives.

One thought on “Fall Update 2018

  1. Sad that you won’t make it to Bremerton on your WA trip. We just returned home. Praying for you and asking for prayers for our little church and for wisdom.
    Blessings on your heads,
    Debby W

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