Holy Spirit or the Flesh

The walk of the believer can be simplified into this simple question, “Are you walking by means of the Spirit or the flesh?” If asked, many believers would not know if the Holy Spirit is actually working in their lives. One question I often ask is, “When was the last time you were under Holy Spirit conviction of sin and knew it was the Spirit, not someone else making you feel guilty?” For many, this is a difficult question.

The New Testament speaks of the comparison of walking in the Spirit or walking fleshly. When we walk in the Spirit, we walk by faith, in the light, experiencing the life in Christ. When we walk by means of our flesh, we walk by sight, in darkness, experiencing the death of sin. No one can experience both at the same time. You are in one or the other as you live each moment.

This brings us to the necessity of walking by means of the Holy Spirit in order to experience the life we have received from Christ. It is a walk of surrendering control to God, dealing with sin as the Holy Spirit convicts, yielding control to God, and embracing His desire and will for your life.

When we walk with the Lord by means of the Spirit, our life is consumed with glorifying God. An observable sign of how you are walking is distinguishing the purpose for your life at the moment. The Spirit will lead us to glorify Christ. The flesh will lead us to watch out for ourselves. If it is all about you, this indicates you are walking in your flesh to the glory of yourself in some way. The Spirit leads us to experience the walk in Christ, experiencing the abundant life of joy and peace, walking in love, to the glory of God.

To find corrupt politicians they say, “Follow the money trail.” To find Christians walking in the flesh, “follow the glory trail.” Who is getting the glory for your life?

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