The Music of the Wind

The trees move with the wind, making sounds as the unseen passes through the pine needles and leaves of the trees. Waves of music are carried through the air, soothing, moving with the wind to new notes played by different instruments, the trees becoming the orchestra, each playing their part in the symphony.

As a young boy I remember listening to the orchestra of wind play as I would walk by myself throughout town. The sound became a comfort and yet a pause to my heart. I would listen to the voice of the wind as it played its melody, singing, “Even though you cannot see me, I am here and the song I play is evidence of my being, reaching out to touch you.

In my grade school music class, we were taught a song about the wind. It was from a musical produced in 1951 called “Paint Your Wagon.” The song was “They Call the Wind Mariah.” Somehow the music made the wind seem alive, naming it, speaking about it, and showing its effects.

The wind is used in the Bible many times. It was the mighty rushing wind which signaled the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2. Jesus used the wind as an example of being born of the Spirit in John 3. An interesting observation is that the wind and the Spirit are not seen but evidenced by what they do; the wind as described earlier and the Holy Spirit as being in control and producing fruit in the Christian. Both are unseen but there.

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