Sights, Sounds, and Smells

The green hillsides are dotted with trees and brush. Reeds filled with birds singing and flittering about line the waterways. Colorful flowers present themselves in manicured lawns along the streets. The ocean waves are heard as they beat upon the rocks and beaches, creating fine sand. A dog barks for reasons only know to it. Looking to the trees I try to find a bird rustling the branches. The breeze carries the fragrance of the flowers and the smell of the ocean. It is good to be back in South Africa.

Everywhere in this life there are sights, sounds, and smells. Some are more pleasant than others. As I described South Africa, it may have brought similar experiences to your mind. You remembered the flowers in your own garden or the fragrance of your roses. The dog barking may have reminded you of a neighbor’s pesky dog. Seeing the trees may remind you of a drive you took through the redwoods or some other forest highway.

We have opportunities to experience beautiful sights. We can listen to people putting sounds together creating beautiful music. We have fragrances that stimulate special memories.

Our fast paces lives sometimes cause us to miss the beauty. Take time to observe, listen to the sounds, and be aware of the smells. Using our senses will add to the memories of our lives. The Bible says to observe the ant. Jesus said to consider the lilies of the field. There are many verses that tell us to use our senses. We will learn from what we see, smell, and head. We need to use our eyes, ears, and noses for more than a place to put our glasses.

“Take time to smell the roses.”


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