A Deeper Relationship

“It is my duty as your husband.” If I said this to Jeneen when I gave her flowers, what kind of a response would I get? She would be hurt because she wants a deeper relationship. She desires that I love her and that my love moves me to bring her flowers. She wants me to be motivated by my deep affection for her. Do I have duties as a husband? Yes. There are expectations and responsibilities for me. But what is my motivation as I fulfill my responsibilities? Is it simply because of duty? No, both Jeneen and I want more from our relationship.

What is our motivation to the duties we have being Christians? Do we accomplish them because it is simply our duty? I can imagine a person reading their Bible because they are supposed to in order to be a good Christian. It is their duty. The same could be said for going to church. “I am here because I am supposed to be. It is my duty to attend and serve.” These things are true but there is much more in our walk with God. He wants more from our relationship.

Can you imagine us telling God that we are praying because it is our duty? Imagine His response to us when that is our motivation. Jesus wants more in our relationship with Him. He wants us to be motivated by love. That is why He said if we “love” Him, we should keep His commandments. There is more to our relationship than duty. We are settling for so little when God has so much.

Pardon me. I need to help Jeneen with a project. It is my duty, you know. But more than that, I love her and love working with her.

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